We're excited to annouce a new video series 'The Mass' hosted by Bishop Steve Lowe! Season One kicks off with a three part intro 5th-7th September, followed by weekly episodes every Friday at 7pm.

Check out the latest episode below!

In this episode Bishop Steve does a deep dive into the Liturgy of the Word, unpacking every aspect of it.

In this episode Bishop Steve shares how important it is to become familiar with the Sunday readings before Mass.

In this episode, Bishop Steve reminds us that 'The Gloria' is an ancient hymn, praising God for the gift of His Son. And how during 'The Collect' we call to mind our prayers and intentions.

In this episode Bishop Steve calls us to pray for each other as we acknowledge our sins during the Penitential Rite. So that together, we may know the Lord's forgiveness.

In this episode; Bishop Steve shares the symbolism and significance of the Sign of the Cross. And how the opening prayers of the Mass can be found in Sacred Scripture.

In this episode, Bishop Steve shares why we bless ourselves with holy water and genuflect. And how important it is to prayerfully prepare ourselves for Mass.

In this episode, Bishop Steve acknowledges that it's so easy to have a negative attitude about going to Mass. And how getting to Mass on time can be a mission, especially for parents with small children.

In this episode Bishop Steve discusses how four aspects found in 'The Acts of the Apostles' parallel the Mass structure.

In part one of this three part intro, Bishop Steve explains how the structure of The Mass is found in Sacred Scripture.

Back in August, Brendan Malone spoke around the Diocese on Social Media, Human Dignity and the harmful effects of Pornography.

Tim is an international speaker from Chicago, IL. While he was in New Zealand for 'SetFree' he spoke practically with teachers about the New Evangelisation. This is a video resource for Personal, Parish or School based formation. This from a series of talks, workshops, and keynote sessions from around the Diocese of Hamilton, New Zealand.