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Sharing your thoughts is all part of the journey. Whether you're discussing the questions in your parish, school, youth group, or even just at the dinner table, we want to hear your reflections. Join the conversation and comment on the modules questions in the forums below.


Module One Forum 

Understanding why people leave the Church/our parish helps us understand something of their spiritual journey and our own journey. 

Understanding the challenges of the spiritual journey leads us to reflect on what we are doing/failing to do as a parish/priest/parishioner and what we might do better or differently.


Module Two Forum

How are we present to our people? When we meet someone we make an impression. So how do people see us as Catholics? As parishioners? As religious, deacons or priests? As teachers in a Catholic School? As a parish or school secretary? Are we seen as people who go, who are happy to be with people, and who have a radiance of faith; or are we officials that do a job whom people come to when they need something from the Church?

Understanding how people see us, encourages us to be better images of Christ.


Module Three Forum

When Jesus approached the two disciples walking to Emmaus, he said to them, ‘What matters are you discussing as you walk along?’
Before Jesus spoke, he listened.


Module Four Forum

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Module Five Forum

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Module Six Forum

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