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Meet with Adam, Matthew and Isaac…

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I am very grateful for your support during my seminary journey. My time at the Seminary so far has enabled me to enter more deeply in God’s profound Love; a Love I hope to share in service of others
— Adam Kirkeby
Thank you for your prayers and financial support. As seminarians we are very blessed to be able to study in depth the treasures of our faith, which we in turn want to give to the people of God. God always surpasses us, but never leaves us alone
— Matthew Gibson
In the Seminary, I have been blessed with the prayer and support of others. My discernment continually demands me to surrender, and dive deeper in prayer. Searching for the Father’s love is the greatest adventure. Thank you for your support in our journey
— Isaac Fransen



Your donation does make a difference

67,455 persons are returning themselves as Catholic in the Diocese of Hamilton as per 2013 Census.

Our Diocese has only 27 active priests for 34 Parishes. There are 2,498 Catholics per Active Priest in Our Diocese.

Our Seminarians are in formation for Priesthood for 61/2 years : Holy Cross Seminary is their home for most of these years.

The Seminary Appeal goes towards the upkeep and staffing of Holy Cross Seminary and Good Shepherd College as well as providing full board (meal & accommodation) and including power, telephone, internet, health insurance, text books, courses fees, etc…

per seminarian / year

per seminarian / year

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per seminarian / formation

per seminarian / formation

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