Who: Dr Tomek Wiśniewski
What: “Polish-Jewish History: A Christian documentary filmmaker’s view of the Holocaust”
When: Tuesday 29 August, 7:00-8:30pm
Where: Chartwell Room, Hamilton Gardens Pavilion, Hamilton
Cost: koha gladly appreciated to help with Tomek’s travel costs while in New Zealand
RSVP: limited seating available, so please email RSVPs with name and numbers to WaikatoJewishAssn@gmail.com.

Come enjoy a delightful evening with us as Tomek shares his stories and snippets from his films.

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About Tomek:
Tomek was born 1958 in Olsztyn, Poland and is a Christian Polish journalist who was jailed by the Communists during martial law in the 1980s for his dissident activities and, while in prison, researched Poland’s Jewish heritage and learned Hebrew. Tomek holds a PhD in Cultural Studies and works as a journalist and an academic lecturer. He has co-directed dozens of documentary films, is the author of eight books including Jewish Bialystok and Surroundings, runs several websites, and founded the ‘Film, Photography and Sound Workshop’ in Michalowo, Poland. Over several decades, Tomek has meticulously documented Polish-Jewish history, has written numerous books and articles, and produced a number of stunning documentary films. He has worked tirelessly, as he puts it, “to ensure the past is not forgotten.” Tomek pioneered the documentation of Jewish cemeteries in shtetls of the Podlasie region of Poland, including several thousand photographs of Jewish gravestones. Much of his work can now be viewed at <www.bagnowka.pl>, a website named after the Bialystok district which includes adjacent Jewish, Catholic, Muslim and Christian Orthodox cemeteries—a visible reminder of the region’s rich multicultural heritage nearly obliterated by the Holocaust. That these lie peacefully next to each other in Bagnówka provides a potent symbol of what Tomek is seeking to achieve in the spirit of partnership and tolerance, as illustrated in his films.