Questions 1 to 10

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Module 3 - A Ministry of Listening.

  1. How committed are we as individuals to silence, to listening to the Word of God and to reflection and discernment of God’s will? How do I encourage others to sit in silence, listen to the Word of God, reflect and discern?
  2. What are the forums we have as an agency, school, community or parish to share and hear and break open the Word of God together so it becomes a living reality in all we do?
  3. How can we enable parishioners to hear the testimony of other parishioners?
  4. How is respectful dialogue encouraged within the presbyterate, parish, parish school, community or agency? How open are we to receiving critique or negative feedback? What are new ways we can enable respectful listening to others?
  5. How do I react, when I feel I haven’t been listened to?
  6. How do we make provision to sit and listen to those who have left or are leaving our faith community?
  7. In our schools, how do we listen to the faith story of new students to tailor their Religious Education programme? 
  8. As a parish, how do we create opportunities to listen to young people or families who don’t come to Mass?
  9. Do we, or does our parish, parish school, college, community or agency have an ear for those who are in need in our wider community? How in touch are we with the social needs and struggles in our community and how do we respond to these?
  10. What forum does the leadership of the parish (lay and clerical), school and groups within the parish and/or collegial area have to meet and to share and hear each other’s projects and problems?