Forum Module Six

1. Is your heart set on fire for the mission? Why do you think this is?

2. How have we, or how can we, form the people in our communities to evangelise others?

3. What helps and prevents us from sharing our faith with others? 

4. Who has been a real influence in your faith life? How did they share the message with you? What can you learn from their method or style?

5. How does the leadership in our parishes encourage co-responsibility that recognises both the rights and responsibility of the priests and the people? 

6. What are the challenges faced by your community in living out Christ’s mission? What new initiatives has your community engaged in to counter these challenges?  

7. The Emmaus disciples went back to the Apostles. At times groups or individuals have got caught up in their own vision and have ended up leaving the Church. How can we assist initiatives and people to remain in the heart of the Church?

8. Digital resources can never replace face to face contact with people. Nonetheless, they can provide a useful entry into homes as well as being a resource for groups, parishes, schools and communities. What digital resources would you like to see? 

9. How comfortable are you praying with others? What experiences have you have had when praying with other people? What did the experience of praying for others do for you?

10. How does your community engage in ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue?

11. How do you think a non-Catholic would view your community? In what ways does your community show that it is interested in the wider community?

12. What outreach mechanisms does your community have to meet the myriad of social needs that the wider community, and families in general, are facing?