Module Four Questions


1. In our communities, how do we teach prayer as opposed to “saying prayers”? What opportunities are given for retreats or reflection days?

2. What online prayer resources have we found useful? How can we make these more accessible to others? The “danger” of online resources is they can range from excellent to really wacky. How can we discern the appropriate prayer resources to meet the needs of our community? In what way will we use these resources to journey with them?

Scripture and Education in the Faith

3. One of the challenges we face as Church is our people not knowing the Scriptures. Often people are drawn by another Christian’s knowledge of the Word, and then discover the depths of the Word in other Churches. How is Scripture study promoted within our community? How can we do this in away that it touches our people?

4. Often the only adult faith education our people get is through the Sunday homily and we have struggled taking people further. This in turn impacts on families who struggle to pass the faith on to their children. How can we as schools and parishes work together to break this cycle?

Community at Sunday Mass and beyond

5. We have a habit of people coming to Mass on Sunday and going home again. We have tried various initiatives like cups of tea after Mass but our numbers still decline. What is the welcome like within our parish? How does it extend beyond the parish?

6. How can we revisit parish visitation and make it a priority for the priests and deacons as well as an important part of the life of all parishioners?

Accompaniment of the Priest

7. How can the parish and school better accompany their priests?