Forum Module Five

1 How are parish liturgies reviewed in our parish, school or community? Who is involved? What form does this take?

2 Who has the responsibility of planning parish, school or community liturgies? How are people trained for this work so as to create a body within the parish with good liturgical knowledge and sense? Is there any teaching on the Rites of the Church, particularly the General Instruction of the Roman Missal?

3 In parishes with more than one Sunday Mass, how is a variety of Music introduced? How are hymns taught so the whole parish knows them and they are not just played by one musician/group?

4How can we assist our people to pray the Mass? What resources, methods should we use?

5 Parishes often have greeters at the door before Mass? How do they connect people to others in the parish and/or to the wider life of the parish?

6 How do our Schools contribute to the Parish or Community Masses and vice versa? As whole School Masses often only happen once a term, they can become extravaganzas, while the Sunday Parish Masses can be seen as tame in comparison. Often the parish and school sing different hymns. Such differences can create a divide. How can we together overcome such divides?

7 How is a sense of mystery, wonder and beauty enhanced in the celebration of our community’s Masses?

8 How do our parish and community Masses differentiate the liturgical seasons, especially in terms of decoration, music and silence?

9 How can we educate non-Catholics or resting Catholics about the beauty of the Mass?

10 One priest can have one idea about how Mass is celebrated and others have another way. This can be an issue, when one priest moves and a new priest is appointed and everything is changed? What has been your community’s experience of this in the past? Has it proved problematic? How can we overcome such issues?