Protecting Children and Vulnerable people from harm is an absolutely top priority in our Church today and flows out of the example Jesus gave us whereby children and the vulnerable were not only welcome but safe in His company.

Along with the other dioceses and the religious orders in New Zealand Bishop Steve Lowe has implemented a number of Safeguarding practices to ensure we fulfill our obligations. This work is ongoing.  

Guidelines for the Prevention of and response to sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in New Zealand have been approved by the NZ Catholic Bishop’s Conference and the Congregational Leaders Conference of Aotearoa New Zealand.

These guidelines require each diocese is to appoint a co-ordinator, whose responsibility it will be, to ensure the rest of the guidelines are fully implemented in the diocese.

Already the diocese has registered as an Approved Agency with the New Zealand Police Vetting Service and has Police vetted the bishops, priests and deacons.

Police Vetting of all employees, both at diocesan and parish level, who have direct contact with children and vulnerable people is nearing completion.

Parishes are now submitting vetting forms for their many volunteers, including those who take Communion to the Sick, lead Children’s Liturgy, train and co-ordinate Altar Servers, and act as Catechists for Sacramental Programmes


To report a complaint of abuse by a member of the clergy or of a religious order, please contact either:

National Office for Professional Standards: Virginia Noonan

FREE number : 0 800 114 622



The Bishop’s PA at Chanel Centre

Mrs Shona Richards Ph 07 856 6989

email :


For complaints by other than clergy and queries for general information regarding Safeguarding, including Police Vetting, engagement procedures and training please call

The Diocesan Safeguarding Coordinator at Chanel Centre

Deacon Peter Richardson Ph 07 856 6989, or mob 021 896 012

email :


National Office for Professional Standards website